Meeting Minutes


Welcome Back !

Time: 20:00
Location: The Optimist
In attendance:
Chris West (Chair)
Hilary Leggatt (Vice Chair)
Vicki Paris (Secretary & Corporate Fundraising)
Theresa Piper (Treasurer)
Caroline Brocklehurst (Committee)
Rafe Smallman (Committee)
Apologies from:


Welcome back!
Stacie sends her apologies
Inflatable Afternoon
25th September
Posters up at school.
Caroline is going to distribute some locally.
Kids will get letter this week.
Helpers are live on the website.
Need to check refreshment levels 
PTA Sales
Floats to be organised
Toni has been asked to bring her own soft play equipment
Parent helpers required - Caroline to email the previous helpers
Communications - share on Upminster community 
Wednesday 18th @ 7pm
This date was agreed with Mrs S and Mr F.
Is there anything particular people would like added to the agenda?
Theresa, are you ok for the financial report?
Couple of bottles of wine and some nibbles.  All to bring their own drink and nibbles.
New parent / welcome back leaflet
I'm going to send 2 variations of the same letter to parents this week. 1 on Thursday skewed towards "welcome. we're all on the pta..." and another "welcome back, here's what's coming up".
I am going to put emphasis on the AGM and Inflatables.
Will also mention:
Bazaar/Children's Bazaar
East Anglia Pass
Quiz night - October
Saturday 12th October is preferred
Chris to check date with the Office
Rafe ok to write
Change fish and chip supplier?
Organise Raffle Prizes
Panto 2019 - Dick Whittington
Theresa has booked 260 tix for 6th December @ 18:30.
Confirmed with Theatre and awaiting invoice.

Will charge £16.50
CW to prepare  playground posters and also put it on this week's letters and make live on the website.
Comedy Night?
Not sure if we are intending to run a Comedy Night in November.

Review potential new providers and discus
New events
Rafe to make enquiries regarding a Race Night.
5p challenge
This seemed to go off rather well.
We generated £1138 with year 5 Alder winning £100 to spend on the class.

Intention to do it again for the Hall Curtains "Curtains for the Curtains"
Christmas movie night
Mrs White asked if there would be an issue if they ran a movie night during the afternoon for children who have achieved a certain level of reading.

The consensus was that it would not.
Radio station planning
Now we have the money for the radio station (more from Vicki later), we need to arrange a meeting with Mr F to get the ball rolling.
I suspect the sticking point is going to be a location for it.

Need to ask any parent's who are builders who could give us a ball park figure how much it would cost to build a permanent fixture to replace the first aid hut which would be the new home of the radio station.

Branfil DIY SOS!
The school's wish list
We asked at the last meeting. Nothing concrete was agreed. We need to pursue this again.
(See notes)
Vicki's corner
Vicki, please update us on all of your funding requests and the recent successes :-)
Treasurers report
All ok for AGM 
Meeting with Leadership Team
Spoke and agreed AGM to take place on 18th September .

Spoke about the radio station 

Spoke about playground equipment that is required (new climbing frame in quad area) .  Items to put on wall.

Not much else needed but a slide would be nice.  

Try and arrange to meet play equipment supplier with Mrs Mead.

Virtual reality Geography for KS2

Lego we do workshops

Girls toilets - underwater theme - general paint job.

Head Mic's (agreed to pay)

Hall Curtain's

VE 75th Anniversary in May 2020 (community event)
Spooky UV Disco
Ask school dates

w/b  28th October

Theresa to check dates
Christmas Ye Olde Christmas
VP order Christmas decorations

VP to start to write to companies for raffle prizes

CB to organise estate agents board

Dreamcatcher - VP to follow up.  Any commission.

External stall holders - collate and to respond to emailers.


Alcohol ? Mulled Wine 

Any other business?
Pete has asked about topsoil. 

Go ahead and order